Written by Taylor Lynn

I woke up this morning not sad or devastated. I woke up absolutely furious, enraged, and terrified. On 9.11 I remember be terrified to walk out my front door because to an 11 year old it felt like the world was crumbling around me and nowhere was safe. I used to have nightmares of planes crashing into my house and my school. Today I can feel that fear in my body like yesterday. I feel like nowhere is safe. I fear going anywhere because I actually might not walk back through my front door again. I fear going out for a fun night with my friends because we could all end up dead. That’s reality right now.
But that’s not why I’m angry. That’s not why I literally feel like screaming. I’m angry because this man doesn’t look like the image of a terrorist we love to splash all over the media. This person isn’t what the media and our current government pose as a threat. He isn’t an illegal immigrant. He isn’t black or hispanic. He isn’t Muslim or from a middle eastern country.
No he is a privileged white male and an American Citizen. And this White Male American just committed the worst terrorist shooting attack on US soil in history.

God please bless this country. Bless and take care of the victims and their families. Please help us heal. Please help us open our eyes and be better❤️