Who We Are

About Willie Cobb, Jr.

Willie R. Cobb, Jr. has been motivating, inspiring, and healing individuals and communities since the 1980’s as a teenager on the south side of Chicago. From bringing together youth groups from across the south side to speaking before thousands at conferences across the country, Willie has worked to break down walls and build bridges between different races, ages, genders, and ethnic groups.

Willie worked in drop-out prevention before teaching high school for seventeen years. After receiving his Masters from Loyola University Chicago, he continues to mend the broken and encourage the discouraged as a hospital chaplain, and is currently a doctoral candidate at Chicago Theological Union.

Willie reaches beyond the walls of church and the structures of religion to offer understanding, compassion, and transformation to everyone, anywhere through his belief that hospitality is the key to transforming a society filled with divisiveness.

Our Philosophy

Transforming Conversations is organized around the idea that:

  • We have each encountered ignorance, disrespect, patronizing interactions, and rage from others and ourselves.
  • We don’t want to feel threatened by these past emotions or actions
  • We desire multiculturalism without guilt and anger
  • We are searching for concrete steps for moving forward


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