Most of the issues surrounding black men are rooted in lies and stereotypes, particularly surrounding black fathers. I have heard on a number of occasions, people blaming black men for the violence within the black community. They’re blaming black men for the problems with young African-American teenagers: if only black men were involved with your children; if only black men took more time to care. It doesn’t matter the radio station I’m listening to, and it doesn’t matter the circumstance. I recently heard quite a few people on WVON radio share the comments that black men just aren’t doing their job. I recently heard on the Catholic radio station, Relevant Radio, that the problem in the black community is that black fathers are not involved with their children, they don’t know how to be men, and don’t know how to be the head of the household. This is simply not the truth. These are complete lies. Black men are involved with their children at a greater rate than any other male. The issue is not that black men are not involved with their children; the issue is the pressure that’s put on the black male community.

Black fathers spend more time with their children than any other group. Black fathers go to school with their children. Black fathers change diapers. We cannot continue to believe the myths surrounding black fathers. We must stop the lies surrounding black fathers. This is the fact: black fathers have always been and will always be involved with their children.