Over the first 6 months of Donald Trump’s presidency, crystallization of his position on race has become quite evident. Starting with his position on the Charlottesville’s riot were a young Caucasian woman was murdered by a Klansman, and continued with his disrespect of the mothers of those who kneel over the police shootings of unarmed black men. During the Charlottesville’s protest, the president made it quite clear that there were good people in and amongst the KKK and said that there were bad people on both sides. He never acknowledged the good people on the side of the counter protesters.

Because of this bombastic and outlandish statement, the president lost the only African American member of his manufacturing council; he then went on to criticize that only African American leader for leaving. Subsequently, a number of other people then left that council in protest but the president was silent. That silence was absolutely deafening.

A few weeks later, an ESPN reporter called the president of the United States a white supremacist. This stirred up a tremendous debate in the media, which lasted all of a week and a half. People were in a fury and an uproar about what she said. An ex-baseball player went on ESPN and said they were holding a double standard because they did not fire this African American female host for labeling the president a racist. Many African Americans and some others supported her. This outlandish and surprising incident carried itself all the way through the White House’s press room when Sarah Huckabee Sanders stood up and stated that ESPN should fire her because she called the president a white supremacist. The truth must be spoken here: that was pure unadulterated hypocrisy.

The bellowing’s of Sarah Huckabee voice was unheard when her president called the former president Barack Obama a racist when Trump was a reality TV personality. She simply said nothing. Is it now because she is his press secretary, or does she truly believe that free speech is only for wealthy white males? When Donald Trump himself called President Obama a racist, I heard no one ask for him to be fired.

A few weeks after his Charleville’s comments, the president’s gregarious nature swept him further into the deepening waters of racial tension when he said that the mothers of Colin Kaepernick and others who kneel during the national anthem were the equivalent of a pregnant dog and that they were the sons of pregnant dogs and that the NFL owners should fire those sons of a pregnant dog.

The president of the United States has said some awful things behind the bully pulpit, but this has to be one of the worst. The lack of sophistication in this issue is extremely glaring. Very few in the media, if any, dare to speak of the implications of calling someone’s mother a pregnant dog. Had that occurred in the neighborhoods or on the streets, war would have broken out between the individuals. Had that occurred on a sports field, or in a tavern, a major incident would have happened.

There are certain things you simply do not call or say about an individual’s mother. Not only does it lack temperament, it lacks utter and complete class from the person holding the highest office in the United States.

The fact that this individual seems to have the backing of at least 40% of the country, and the support of NFL owners, brings shame upon the United States and the nature of the presidency itself.

Make no mistake, this issue is all about race. It has nothing to do with the flag. The United States must make up its mind. Do we truly believe in the freedom of speech for all or is it only for particular individuals, white males? Do only white people have a right to say what they want to say when they want to say it? Do only they have the right to carry tiki torches on to college campuses? Do they and they alone have the right to dole out justice when they see fit? Does the Constitution fit all and truly was not this question answered in the Supreme Court decision that desegregated schools? Was it not answered in the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments? Was it not answered with the right to vote?

The 1st amendment is clear. Individuals have a right to speak as long as it doesn’t infringe upon others. This issue has to become more sophisticated than the media is making it.  What the president, and most commentators, do not understand is Colin Kaepernick is not kneeling against soldiers, nor is the kneeling against the flag. It is about police brutality. It is about white males feeling threatened by the power that the African American community has. The president seems to only criticize African Americans; he seems to aim his vitriol at the power that black people have. The president disinvited the Golden State Warriors to the white house when Steph Curry said that he would not go, but he said nothing to the New England Patriots when Tom Brady did not go to the White House. This issue is truly about white males wanting black people to stay in their place. Does it matter that a white police officer put shame on all the good police officers by saying, “I’m going to kill that N word” and then killed him and planted a gun – and then was freed by a judge? No one comments on the absurdity of this, but can be so upset over whether some black people take a knee during the national anthem. This issue is about racism and whether or not African Americans can stand up and speak about what and how they feel on any issue.