Please forgive me while I ask a few questions of some of my fundamentalist, evangelical, and Catholic Christian friends; and that is, are you prolife or not? What does it mean to be Prolife anyway? If the United States government can legally separate families and you, at best, say nothing or, at worst, support this policy, does that make you prolife? Does this policy of separating children from their families not harm your very soul?
I no longer understand what it means to be prolife. Did not the late Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago say prolife was from ‘the cradle to the grave’? Do you only care about the U.S. born children? Do you not care about those little children who are being stolen from their parents – those who are seeking asylum from an oppressive government that seeks to allow the murder of young children? Central and South American families are knocking on the U.S. border door for safety. They are hungry; they need clothing; they need housing; they need safety; and, they are sick. Instead, they are locked up like criminals and the United States government responds by taking their children away. This is not Christian compassion.
The sense of this simply alludes me. Is it not prolife to keep families together? This is not a plea to open the borders and allow anyone to come in. That is a matter of the legal process. This is simply a lack of understanding of how we can repeat the same brutal history of dividing families once again. This is confusing. Do Christians know of this history or did they just forget it?
This same thing happened during slavery when slave children would be ripped away from their families with no closure and sent to live in strange lands with strange people, to live in filthy conditions, in squalor with very little to eat.
This has happened before to the Native Americans who were ripped away from their parents, stolen to be put into internment camps, taken to schools where they were to become Americanized – some were brutalized, raped and molested by those who were supposed to protect them. Some of those who were supposed to protect them considered themselves Christian. This not only happened in the United States, but it happened by the thousands in Canada.

Similar hatred happened to some Japanese children during WWII. Some were ripped from their homes and thrown into camps with their families and others never to see their children again.
All three of these groups: African Americans, Native Americans, Japanese Americans were considered on the margins, outcast by the white established government. They were considered foreigners, some in the only land they ever knew, and they were still treated as outcasts and criminals, ripped away from their families, stolen from their homes to live in cages.
The exact same thing is happening right now. The question must be asked and answered: are Christians listening? Do Christians care? How many times must history repeat itself before prolife truly means something.

Jesus himself was an outcast. His family ran from an oppressive government.
The king who wished to kill him made his family flee to a foreign land for safety. This saved Jesus. Years later did not Jesus tell us through the parables to feed the hungry, clad the naked, house the homeless, visit the prisoners? These are the things that will be asked on the last day. Did you do these things?
It must be asked once again, what does it mean to be prolife? If you allow your government to steal children from their parents, that simply is going to cause little children to be frightened and scared and to scream out for help. What is prolife?
Does the government truly believe that God is not going to hear the cries of the little children screaming for their parents? Have we forgotten why God-sent Moses to free the people because they screamed out for justice? Feed the hungry, clad the naked, house the homeless, visit the prisoners, visit the sick – these are our basic Christian obligation.
Does the government believe that those standing on the U.S. borders are so marginalized and so dehumanized that God himself is not going to hear their cries?
If you believe this, you are simply wrong. God will hear the cries of these children who are being stolen from their parents and if you do not stand up and speak out and say something to the government, you are complicit once again.
Prolife people cannot continue to allow this history to continually be repeated. So, call your senators, speak to the governor, stand up for life from the cradle to the grave. At least tell them to reunite these children now. This is our Christian obligation. History tells us that it is certain that God is listening. Someone please answer the question: what does it mean to be prolife?